About us

What is FirstWebsite?

FirstWebsite is a Do-It-Yourself service to help people with no technical knowledge to

  • build their own website
  • showcase their website on the internet without having the worry or expense of website hosting

It doesn’t stop there. We are frequently adding to our catalogue of how-to guides to help your business gain the highest profile possible. We believe this series of off-website tasks should be undertaken by every website owner whether they have a FirstWebsite account or not…. but other than the guide Get your business on Google Maps, we only make these available to our paid accounts.

This service is not for everyone. As the name implies, this is intended as a first website for your business.

When you decide to upgrade your website we recommend WordPress and will help you migrate your website. There are at least a dozen monthly WordPress meetups in Australia where you can find a developer or get more information. Go to https://wpaustralia.org/ or https://www.meetup.com/find/events/?keywords=wordpress to find the closest.

Who might use FirstWebsite?

Generally someone who needs a “brochure” website to

  • show their contact information
  • provide an overview of their product or service
  • establish an online presence

The post what is your website type goes into more detail about the different website types and who can provide them.

Why use FirstWebsite

  • Affordable – $80pa with refer-a-friend discounts available
  • Easy to use – no experience needed
  • Pre-formatted sections – use only those you need
  • Faster response and page load times for Australian visitors. See this page for details
  • proudly Australian