Common website words & phrases

Common Internet Terms

There are words & phrases which can be confusing to those not working constantly on websites which we’ll try to demystify.

DNS hosting
See how-websites-work for a detailed explanation of how DNS works.
DNS hosting is offered automatically by most hosting companies as part of their hosting account.
FirstWebsite provides DNS hosting for all our accounts.
Websites which would benefit from DNS hosting are those who receive visitors from all around the world & where the milliseconds gained on the first visit are important. Those websites also tend to have a team of dedicated support staff.

HTTP or HTTPS – HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTP is a set of standards that allow browsers to communicate with webservers to display web pages. This communication is done in plain text, so is potentially vulnerable to “eavesdropping”.
HTTPS is an encrypted version of HTTP. Same job, but the data is encrypted to protect information such as your password or credit card details.

Inorganic results
Advertising, sometimes difficult to distinguish from organic search results.

Organic results
The results from a search which are deemed to be appropriate by the search engine used.
This does NOT include advertising or local business entries which are added to the organic results by the search engines.
For a more detailed description go here.

Search Engine
A search engine is a system/service like Google, Bing and Yahoo which enable users to search for information in the internet.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s UNPAID results — often referred to as “organic” results.
This topic has so many variables it needs at least a page to itself. We can start with this page.

SSL or TLS – Secure Socket Layer or Transport Layer Security
SSL/TLS is used by websites to encrypt all data passed between a web server and a browser.
Usually, visitors access the website via HTTP. When the SSL certificate is installed on the server, visitors can access the website via HTTPS