DIY website comparison

A comparison of Do-It-Yourself website providers

There are 4 main points differentiating FirstWebsite from the others – 5 if you count the price.

  1. FirstWebsite provides a single page per website while the others offer multiple pages. We believe that if you want multiple pages or you want an E-commerce website you will probably use WordPress anyway.
  2. The FirstWebsite server is physically located in Australia while the others are located in USA. All things being equal, this means the FirstWebsite should be quicker to respond. Using a Content Delivery Network should mean a website hosted on the other side of the planet will load at the same rate anywhere in the world, but this is not always the case. See this post comparing page loads for FirstWebsite & the others.
  3. We offer the option of mail redirection for up to 3 email addresses
  4. Moving your website away from a DIY provider is generally difficult. However, FirstWebsite offers a free upgrade path to WordPress. See this comparison between FirstWebsite and a WordPress website


Comparison of DIY website provider features

D-I-Y Provider
provider FirstWebsite Wix Square Space Weebly
bandwidth unlimited 2Gb unlimited unlimited
Storage 1Gb 3Gb unlimited unlimited
Subdomain yes yes yes yes
Addon Domain yes yes yes yes
Free Domain (first year only) no yes yes yes
Website pages 1 multiple 20 multiple
SSL used always sometimes sometimes sometimes
Free trial period 10 days on a subdomain Yes, on a subdomain but with ads 14 days on a subdomain Yes, on a subdomain but with ads
Server Location Australia USA USA USA
Statistics coming yes yes yes
Google Analytics coming yes yes yes
E-commerce option no yes * (extra cost) yes * (extra cost) yes * (extra cost)
Easy to leave
eg migrate to WordPress
yes no no no
 yearly cost  $A80  $US102  $A192  $A120
Mail processed via Google’s G Suite
* Google currently charges $60 pa per mailbox
yes * yes * yes * yes *
Mail redirection yes
no no no