DIY website speed comparison

D-I-Y website speed comparison

To prove websites created at FirstWebsite are faster than the other DIY services we did some testing. Before showing the results, some boring explanations of what is actually being compared.

It is impractical to compare the speed of one website’s page load with another as each has a different number and size of files. However there is one thing which can be compared. Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the time taken from when the user requests the web page until the first character of the web page is received by the browser.

Both TTFB and the speed of a website page load can be affected by a number of factors but by taking multiple timings and then averaging the results, a value can be compared. The main factors are

  • congestion on the internet
  • congestion on the website’s server
  • the speed of the visitor’s internet connection
  • location of the visitor relative to the website server

The post why host in Australia contains a page load comparison for websites when requested by visitors from different sides of the planet.

The table below shows the TTFB for some websites from each of the DIY services. At the time of writing, FirstWebsite is around 3 times faster than the others.

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Click on the TTFB value to see all the results for that website.
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The results come from the service at
To be as impartial as possible the results are refreshed regularly, retaining the most recent 11 results for each website, discarding the 2 best & the 2 worst results before averaging.