Frequently asked Questions

What is an internet domain?
Basically a human understandable location where you website can be found. More info

What is WordPress?
Wordpress is a content management system – a program which helps you build a website. Anything from a single page to a multi-page site selling products.

What are the downsides to using WordPress?
Site management – whether you do it yourself or get someone to perform this for you. The website must be hosted somewhere and the WordPress code kept up to date on a regular basis.

What are the key differences between FirstWebsite and WordPress?
FirstWebsite creates a single page from all the information you provide from multiple sections while WordPress can have a page for each section.
Wordpress is extremely flexible – able to cater for complex websites and online shopping while FirstWebsite doesn’t.
For a developer, WordPress is fairly straightforward but even so will take years to fully master. For a user, the basics can be picked up relatively quickly, but can be a little overwhelming.
See this comparison of WordPress and FirstWebsite for more detail.

You say you offer a migration to WordPress. What does that mean?
A zip file plugin which, once installed and activated, will automatically create a WordPress page for each FirstWebsite section. There’s detailed instructions on the Migrate to WordPress page.