Features of FirstWebsite

This page is intended as an overview of the various features made available by the FirstWebsite service. Definition and usage of each feature may change over time as we continually streamline the service. For current information, we suggest you commence a free trial and give the service a test drive.

Visual Impact options

Hero image
This is that large image shown on the home page of many websites.
When your account is set up initially, we randomly define a stock image to be shown. You can select another image or upload your own.

Background & text colours
With a click of a button, change the background colour for your website.
We have chosen complementary colours for text depending on where the text is shown – menu, link or simply text.

Pre-formatted sections

Show your logo and/or ABN for all to see

A generic section where you can show text and images to highlight your business.

Enter any phone numbers or email address you want shown on the website

Show your full address (or just your suburb) and optionally include a Google map.

Facebook Feed
For those who use Facebook, here’s a way for you to automatically include your Facebook posts.
Post once and get double the value.

Twitter Feed
Similar to Facebook, get double the value for your Twitter posts by including them automatically on your website.

Show links to your social media pages

Planned enhancements

That tiny little image which shows up in the browser tab for each site you visit.
We’ll have information about how you can create your own & then upload it to your website.

Hours section
Show your opening hours and days. Predefine holidays – public or your own.

Specials section
Show specials only within defined intervals – eg monthly, weekly, Christmas etc.
Define ahead of time knowing they will be shown when the specials start & removed once the period finishes

Privacy page
Seems nowadays every website is expected to have a page explaining how visitor data is used… even if it isn’t.
Our aim is to provide a generic privacy page or section which can be added/updated by you to your website

Instagram Feeds
Same as the Facebook Feed…. post once and get double the value.

Testimonials section
There are 2 types. The ones you enter yourself and the ones at Google, Yelp etc.
The aim is to be able to include reviews on your website from external sites…much as we already do with the Facebook feed.

Search Engine exclusion
By default, to give you time to polish your website, it will initially be excluded from the Search Engines. Once you’re happy with the results you can release it to the world.