How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain

In reverse order, the first thing to determine is the domain suffix – whether to have a .com or a and this should be a simple decision.

If the majority of your customers are in Australia then a domain is best, otherwise choose a .com. Any other suffix may cause confusion. Of course, other options exist, for example, These may be relevant if you are a not for profit or if the is not available. But if possible, stick with .com. or

The other important part of the domain name is the bit which is specifically you.
There are many, often contradictory tips such as

  • keep it short
  • use words
  • use your company name
  • avoid a long name unless it makes sense to your customers. eg
  • avoid numbers
  • avoid misspellings

The most important tip is to make sure the chosen name is easy to communicate (in written and spoken forms).

You need to end up with a domain which is obviously you. If your business is John Smith Plumbing, you could try johnsmithplumbing or jsplumbing.

On your business cards, and on the side of your truck, you can highlight the different words by colour or capitalising to make it easier for your customers to read. eg or

Your preferred domain may be taken….. for example by someone in another state with exactly the same business name. Now you have to be creative. This may mean a domain which does not directly tie back to your business such as If you are forced down this path, try out a bunch of possible names at this page to see if they are available. Then sit on the possibles for a few days before committing yourself.

You can register your own domain when subscribing to FirstWebsite from the my-account page.