What do you get for your money at FirstWebsite?

A free trial is available for 10 days to let you kick the tyres and determine whether FirstWebsite will work for you.
When you start your free trial, you are asked for a username which will be used as a subdomain so your website can be accessed on the internet. For example, if you chose flowerpotman as your username, we would create the subdomain so that your website could be accessed at (Just keep in mind that you may look “cheap” if you don’t get your own internet domain – see below).

Once you’ve decided that the service we provide is suitable, you’ll have to purchase a year’s subscription to continue. This costs $80.

There is a Refer-a-Friend program available. Your friend can receive a $20 discount and so will you. See here for more details.

There’s no obligation, but we strongly recommend you purchase an Internet Domain of your own and Email Hosting.

The internet domain

Your own internet domain gives greater credibility to your business, both on and off the internet. You can then tell people to visit your website at Easier for everyone to remember and it can never be taken away unless you forget to renew the registration each year (but you will get reminders anyway). Should you decide to upgrade your website to WordPress or even move to another provider, it can be done simply and with our help!
Although we provide this option as part of the FirstWebsite subscription process, a domain can be purchased from any authorised registrar. The price can vary considerably for the same product from different registrars, but in our opinion you should allow $15 per year. More information about getting your own domain can be found here.

Email processing
This post describes the following methods you can use to process email.

  • Don’t accept mail at all (but that’s simply dumb – you’re wasting opportunities)
  • Your own existing email address – gmail/hotmail/bigpond etc
  • FirstWebsite charge $10 per year to redirect mail for up to 3 email addresses
  • Mailboxes at your own web hosting account vary in cost
  • Google charges $60 per year per email account for processing your mail