Refer a Friend

Refer-a-Friend coupons

The short explanation

Your friend gets a $20 discount if they subscribe using your Refer-a-Friend coupon.
You receive a $20 coupon because your friend subscribed.
We gain another customer…… Everybody wins!

The longer explanation

Your friend
Click the link in the email your friend forwarded to you. This takes you to the free trial registration page at FirstWebsite. Your friend’s Refer-a-Friend coupon will be automatically added to your account and when you subscribe the coupon is automatically applied at the checkout.
Note. If you don’t start your free trial by this method, you can manually enter the coupon at the checkout to receive the discount.

When your friend subscribes, receiving a $20 discount from your Refer-a-Friend coupon, another $20 coupon valid just for you is created and mailed to you.
Click the button on the my-account page and you will be sent an email you can forward to your friends.

On the coupons tab of the my-account page, all coupons which are available to be automatically applied when you renew your subscription are listed.
Coupons can also be entered manually on the checkout page.

Refer-a-Friend coupons

  • are fully transferable – anyone can use them
  • can be used an unlimited number of times
  • do not have an expiry date
  • are valid only for a new subscription
  • cannot be used with any other coupon
  • cannot be used by the Refer-a-Friend coupon “owner”

Coupons generated and mailed to you as a result of someone using your Refer-a-Friend coupon

  • are automatically applied for you at the checkout when you renew your subscription
  • are valid for 12 months from the date of issue
  • are valid only for a 12 month subscription
  • can be combined with any other valid coupon, except that the total discount cannot exceed the value of 12 months subscription.
  • Are not transferable and cannot be used by any one other than you