What is an internet domain

What is an internet domain?

The domain name is the human readable form for the address of your website.

Whenever someone enters your website in their browser, your computer translates the address into something it can understand and begins one of many conversations with other computers around the world as it determines exactly which server has your website. Then it makes a request to that server for the information needed to display your website.

But it’s more than just that. It is also the first stage of your brand recognition. A good domain name is easily remembered and associated with your business, whether directly or indirectly.

Just like an ABN, each domain must be applied for and then registered before being used.

There is no set rule as to whether you should have a .com or a .com.au domain, but it makes sense to think about the target audience of your website. If they are from Australia, then get a .com.au domain. Otherwise get a .com domain. Some may consider getting a .net.au domain or even one of the “new” domains such as a .melbourne or a .sydney or a .xyz or a .shop. These may be relevant in some circumstances but may confuse less internet savvy users (who might think it still needs .com or .com.au on the end). For the majority of businesses the safest option is a suitable .com or .com.au.

A domain isn’t essential for FirstWebsite. You can use a subdomain of firstwebsite.com.au for your website so your web address would be http:// yourname . firstwebsite.com.au …… but an address of http:// yourname .com.au/ provides much greater brand awareness and may provide greater credibility with your customers.

If you decide you want your own domain (good choice), try out a bunch of possible names at this page to see if they are available. Then sit on the possibles for a few days cooling off before committing.

You can register your own domain when subscribing to FirstWebsite from the my-account page.