Why host your website in Australia

Why host your website in Australia?

Customer Service
Offshore support is subject to timezone issues and potentially language issues. Local support is generally more timely.
It should be noted that many Australian hosting companies use offshore customer service.

Google and other search engines
Search engines know the locations of both the user and the server and use this as a factor when ranking their search results.

Legal Obligations
Hosting your website with an Australian company, you are assured it is governed by Australian laws and not those laws of a foreign country.

Server maintenance
Website hosting uses machines and machines need regular maintenance. Also, server software updates and application maintenance must be performed regularly. These maintenance functions are usually performed at night to minimise disruption. But when the server is in a different timezone it can mean your website is unavailable or affected by system tasks slowing it down during the Australian peak times.

Probably the key reason you should choose to host your website in Australia is page load speed. All things being equal, it’s obvious that distance will impact the speed of your website page loads. This is another signal Google uses when deciding the ranking of websites.

Supporting local businesses
By hosting your website in Australia you get that warm fuzzy feeling from supporting our local economy and community.


Now some data to reinforce the point

The following table compares the website load time in seconds for a user in Sydney with one from America.
Click on the load times or the percentage to see all the results for that website.
Click on the website name to view the website itself.

No data currently available

The results come from the service at https://www.webpagetest.org/.
To be as impartial as possible the results are refreshed regularly, retaining the most recent 11 results for each website, discarding the 2 best & the 2 worst results before averaging.
The figures shown in the images are probably about the best that can be expected. Speeds will almost certainly be slower for end users due to congestion at their ISP and elsewhere on the network.